A) These general conditions apply to the preparation, content and performance of all the client and Studiozilt contracts.
B) Offers are without engagement. Prices quoted are subject to change due to unforeseen changes in the work.
C) Commissions must be confirmed in writing by the client. If the client fails to do so, but nevertheless agrees that Studiozilt commences with the execution of the order, then the terms of the offer are agreed. Subsequent oral agreements and stipulations binding Studiozilt only after they have been confirmed in writing.
D) If the Client wishes to provide identical work to multiple agencies, he should notify Studiozilt, stating the names of the other offices, at the latest before starting the project.. 
A) Studiozilt will endeavor contract carefully, in an independent manner, in the best interests of the client; to the best of its ability.. To the extent necessary Studiozilt will inform the client of the progress of the work.
B) The Client is obliged to do all that which is reasonably necessary or desirable to ensure timely and proper delivery by Zilt Design. in particular through the timely delivery of complete, sound and clear data or materials.
C) If the Client has requested a budget for costs of third parties, then this budget is only an approximation. Optionally Studiozilt on behalf of client quotations.
D) Unless otherwise agreed, instructions to third parties in connection with the execution of the contract, by or on behalf provided. At the request of the client can Studiozilt, at the risk of the client act as an agent. The parties may agree on a fee. If during the execution of the assignment Studiozilt  expresses an agreement for its own account and risk goods or services from third parties, and these goods or services are transferred to the client, then the provisions of the general conditions of the supplier with regard to the permitted deviations in the quality, quantity and quality of such goods or services will also apply to the client.
E) Prior to production, reproduction or publication party must give each other the opportunity to the latest models, prototypes or tests that the outcome of the contract, to check and approve. At the request of Studiozilt client must be approved in writing.
F) Specified deadlines for completion of the assignment are approximations only, unless the nature or content of the agreement states otherwise. Studiozilt is also given a deadline for completion of the contract, until her client by registered letter of default, and compliance within the reasonable period specified in the notice is not provided.
G) The execution of tests, the application of licenses and whether the instructions of the client meet the legal standards are not part of the responsability of Studiozilt.
H) Complaints must as soon as possible, but in any case within ten working days after completion of the contract in writing to Zilt Design to be notified, failing which the right to complain lapses.
A) Unless the parties otherwise agreed, all from the command resulting intellectual property rights, including patents, design rights, copyright, trademark, related right or a benefit on 1 aligned with an intellectual property right to Zilt Design. To the extent that such a right can be acquired only by registration, authorized by Studiozilt
B) Unless  agreed in writing;  not part of the command  is to carry out research into the existence of patent rights, trademark rights, drawing or design rights, copyrights and portrait rights of third parties. The same applies to any investigation into the possibility of such forms of protection for client.
C) Unless the work does not lend itself Studiozilt is always entitled to its name at or near the work [to] mention or delete. Without prior permission the client is not permitted  to publish work without mentioning the name studiozilt for production, presentations or reproductions.
D) in the framework of the contract between Studiozilt and the client and/or third parties the design of drawings, prototypes, models, molds, design sketches, films and other materials or electronic files, shall remain property of Studiozilt..
A) If as a result of the work of Studiozilt intellectual property rights created by or on behalf of her work produced, then the rights are exclusively reserved to Studiozilt. Among these rights are understood to include: copyright, design rights, patent rights, neighboring rights and rights to benefits of this on one line, such as: rights slogans and slogans (if not previously protected by copyright).
B) If client has fulfilled his obligations under the agreement with Studiozilt, the client acquires an exclusive license for the use of the aforementioned intellectual property rights, solely for purposes of publication and reproduction in accordance with the contract agreed destinations. As these specific purposes have been agreed, the license will be limited to that use of the work, which at the time of providing the contract was intentioned.. These intentions are mentioned in the agreement with Studioziltt.
C) Client is without the written permission of Studiozilt not entitled, in line with intellectual property  rights, to the rights to reuse or use broader than is agreed. Any use of the intellectual property rights, for which no permission is given, Studiozilt will invoice the client  a compensation fee of at least three times the usual fee for such use, with a minimum of 500, - Euro.
D) The client is not permitted without written permission from Studiozilt to put  changes in the preliminary or final works of intellectual property  applied.
E) Studiozilt has the freedom to publish work produced for  a client to use for his own publicity or promotional purposes, indicating the trade and / or brand name of the client.
A) In addition to the agreed fee, the cost, which Studiozilt had to pay for the execution of the order, is recoverable.
B) If Studiozilt by late or non delivery of complete, sound and clear data / materials or any change or error in instructions or forced, more or other activity, this work will be charged separately based on the usual by Studiozilt usual fees.
C) If the fee in any way is dependent on any facts or circumstances to be reflected in the administration of client, Studiozilt after giving entitles the administration of a client (register) auditor checked. If such audit shows that the statement does not correspond to the actual state of affairs, the costs of the audit on behalf of the client, without, moreover, Studiozilt loses any right.
A) Payments must be made within 15 days after invoice date. unless otherwise agreed in the quotation.
B) Studiozilt has the power to her charge monthly fees for work performed and costs incurred in the performance of the contract.
C) The Client shall make the payments due to Studiozilt without discount or compensation, except with the settlement agreement related deductible advances, which he Studiozilt has provided.
D) From the moment client payment obligations under the agreement is not [fully] or is otherwise in default, the client will not [more] be allowed to use the  results made available for use and any part of the contract to client license lapses.
A) If the customer cancels the agreement, he shall, in addition to damages, the fees and expenses incurred in relation to the work performed to pay.
B) If the contract is terminated by Studiozilt due to a shortcoming in the fulfillment of the contract by the client, the client has to pay, in addition to damages, the fees and expenses incurred in relation to the work performed . Behavior of the client on the basis of which Studiozilt can not reasonably complete the job, in this context are also regarded as breach. C) The compensation referred to in the preceding two paragraphs of this Article shall at least include the costs arising from Studiozilt in its own name for the fulfillment of the contract entered into with third parties, as well as 50% of the remaining part of the fee which the client upon full completion of the commission would be.
D) Both Studiozilt as client has the right to fully or partially dissolve in the event of bankruptcy or (provisional) suspension of payment of the other party.
E) If the contract for any reason whatsoever, prematurely terminated, the client will not [more] allowed him to work made available to use and comes in any part of the contract to the client license lapse.
F) If the work of Studiozilt consists of recurrently performing similar work, then the applicable agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing, are perpetual. This agreement may be terminated by written notice, subject to reasonable notice of at least three months.
A) Studiozilt warrants that the goods supplied by or on its behalf has been designed and that, if copyright in the work rests, she is the author within the meaning of the Copyright Act and as copyright owner of the work may have.
B) Client indemnifies Studiozilt or her by the assignment will all claims of third parties arising out of the application or use of the result of the command.
C) Client indemnifies Studiozilt for claims relating to intellectual property rights on material or data provided by the client, who in the performance of the work commissioned.
A) Studiozilt is not liable for any mistakes they make in performance of the contract, unless caused by intent or gross negligence.
B) Studiozilt may in particular not be liable for:
I errors in the material provided by client has made.
II misunderstandings or errors regarding the implementation of the agreement if such misunderstandings by actions of the client, such as late or non delivery of complete, sound and clear data / materials.
III errors by / on behalf of client third parties.
IV defects in bids from suppliers or overruns of quotations from suppliers.
V errors by Studiozilt work produced or text / data if the client, in accordance with Art. 2.e has given its consent, or the opportunity to carry out an inspection and has indicated such a control does not need to have;
VI damage resulting from advice Studiozilt to client to the best and has convinced;
VII downtime or other forms of inaccessibility or defects by Studiozilt wholly or partly designed websites or other applications, for any reason whatsoever;
C) Except in cases of intent or gross negligence of Studiozilt, its liability for damages arising from a contract or a tort committed against the client, limited to an amount of 15.000, - Euro or, if it is connected to the command fee is higher, the amount of this fee.
D) Any liability lapse of one year from the time the job is completed.
E) Client shall, where reasonably possible, copies of which he supplied materials and data to adhere to the contract is fulfilled. If the client fails to do so Studiozilt shall not be liable for damage caused by the existence of this  had not occurred.
F) After completing the assignment or Studiozilt or client against the other a retention with respect to the materials and data.
A) The client is not allowed any rights under an agreement Studiozilt has to third parties, other than the transfer of its entire business.
B) The parties are obliged facts and circumstances, in the context of the contract to the other party come to their knowledge confidential. Third parties involved in the execution of the order being made, in respect of such facts and circumstances of the other party to be bound by the same confidentiality.
C) It is the parties during the contract and one year after the legal end thereof prohibited without the prior written consent of the other party's employees or freelancers from each other to recruit or commands.
D) The agreement between Studioziltn and client are exclusively governed by Dutch law.